About the artist

Manuel Blesa was born in Ariño, a small  mining town in Teruel.  Before being able to dedicate himself fully to painting, he learned various trades such as restorer and antique gilder which awakend in him the love for objects of yesteryear. 

Throughout his long artistic career he has held multiple individual, group, national and international exhibitions. His works are in private collections around the world. He has had the support of numerous gallery owners, connoisseurs and art lovers who have contributed to the success that he has achieved.

This trajectory began in Sitges on the seafront promenade - Paseo Marítimo - in 1970, where at that time a large number of artists, portraitists and painters  sold their work to an interested and loyal public.

In summer in Sitges and in winter in Las Palmas on the Canary Islands where painters, leather artisans, Hippies and all kinds of extravagant beings found their place in the Santa Catalina Park. All that has survived only in the memory of those who have been lucky enough to live that time.

However, Manuel Blesa has found in his studio in Sitges the ideal and inspiring place to create his paintings and his very personal style. In its beginnings it was based on themes from his land, Aragon, such as landscapes and characters. But little by little, he developed his own style through the collection of ancient ceramic objects, mostly Aragonese. Sometimes objects of very simple shapes, without great material value, but very attractive for painting. Some time ago he was inspired by his collection of so-called "Cap i Potes" religious figures to dress (with carved hands, heads and feet) that deprived of their clothing are really special, even some with a surreal air.

Currently he continues to paint, although less, due to a health problem that occurred a few years ago. However, he can be found in his studio, always ready for a friendly chat about any field of art, his and so many other artistic manifestations.